Using Electronic Signatures on Grain Settlement Contracts

A few things must be in place before electronic signatures can be used on Grain Settlement Contracts.

Agvance Setup

  1. Navigate to Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / API. On the Agvance API tab, choose the Agvance User for Grower360 Transactions and select Save.
  2. A Custom Contract for Settlement Contracts must be set up and applied to the Settlement.
    • Navigate to Grain / Setup / Preferences. On the General tab, select the appropriate Settlements option from the Format Type drop-down and select Add. Fill out the window that displays and select Save. More on Custom Contracts can be found in the Grain Preferences article.
  3. When saving the Settlement, be sure to check Assign Buyer Signature then select the Buyer Signature to apply.
  4. On the Print Settlement Information window, make sure a Custom Contract format is selected on the Settlements Contract tab.

Require Customer Agreement for Electronic Signature

An optional step is to require a customer agreement to be on file for electronic signature. To do this, edit each Location with this requirement and check the Require Customer Agreement for Electronic Signatures option.

Note: If this option is checked, the Apply User Signature to Contract window will not display when adding a Settlement for customers without a signed agreement and Classification.

Navigate to Hub / Setup / Company Preferences and select Customer Classifications. Add a new Classification for customers who have signed the agreement. Double-click Cust. Name to add customers to this Classification.

Double-click in the Require Customer E-Signature Agreement and select the Classification created.

Set Up Buyer Signatures

A signature can be set up by selecting the User drop-down and choosing My SKY Account.

  1. Select Add Signature to draw a signature using either a mouse or finger.

  2. Choose Save when done.

  3. The signature will display on the Signature card once saved. Optionally remove or edit the signature if needed.