Using Agronomy Templates in SKY Order

Templates can be used in SKY Order to create Plans and Blends with certain information prepopulated.

Select Templates from the left navigation panel. Any created templates will display. Use the Search field to search for templates by any of the column headings.

Choose the Ellipsis to Copy, Edit, or Delete a Template. View Product information for the Template by selecting the Eye icon.

An Order can be started by choosing Start With and following the instructions for Adding a Blend or Adding a Plan. Templates can also be chosen when already in the Order wizard for adding a Blend or Plan.

Information from the Template will be pulled into the Order but can be adjusted as necessary.

Adding a Template

There is an option under Admin to be turned on for each user who should be allowed to add Templates. Once this access is granted, a blue + button displays at the bottom of the Agronomy Templates window to add a new Template.

Template & Order Details

  1. Enter a Template Name and indicate the Template Type. The Location chosen here indicates the location from which product should be pulled. It is recommended to use the Master Product location.
  2. If the Company-Wide checkbox is selected, the Location chosen will be used to determine what Product Sets are available in the Product Set drop-down. This also determines the Location of products that can be selected manually to add to the Template.
  3. The Crop, Crop Chemistry, and Placement fields are optional. Optionally select the Custom Applied and/or VRT checkboxes.
  4. If formulating the Blend/Plan, the Acres field is required. Using 100 acres works well as a starting recommended value but will be updated by the actual acres on the field when the Order is created.

Product Details

There are two ways to add Products to the Template – searching for Products and adding manually or formulating.

Search Products

  1. Add products by typing a product name or description in the Search Products field.
  2. Select the appropriate product(s) out of the resulting list to add the products to the Products area.
  3. Choose Filters to search for Products in a specific department.
    Note: The Product ID, Department, Department ID, and Amount on Hand information for each product displays on the product line.
  4. The Rate/Acre (Rate/Ton, Rate/Hect, etc.), Total Product, or Blended amounts can be set on each product line.


  1. Indicate if formulating by Lbs of Plant Food or Guaranteed Analysis. If choosing Guaranteed Analysis, enter the Lbs of Analysis.
  2. Select the appropriate Product Set and Optimize By options.
  3. Enter requested nutrients in the Ordered area and select Formulate.
  4. Review the Calculated Analysis.
  5. To recalculate the Blend accommodating for water, filler, or carriers, choose an Adjust By option which is based on the Product Set selected for the Blend. Enter the Amount and then select Recalculate to update the Blend. Use the Carrier checkbox to identify which Product is the carrier.
  6. The Rate/Acre (Rate/Ton, Rate/Hect, etc.), Total Product, or Blended amounts can be set on each product line.