SKY Users and Reset Password

As a Company Admin, view and edit all SKY users set up for the company as well as provide access to various features within SKY. If a Company Admin has not already been established, contact an SSI Sales Representative to begin the process.

Select the Pencil icon to edit a user.

Reset Password

Passwords for users can be reset by selecting the Ellipsis then choosing Reset Password.

From there, choose Random to generate a random password or Known to choose the password.

Note: The Known option should only be used when a user has lost access to their email.

An email will be sent to the user with the password.

Disable MFA

To disable Multi-Factor Authentication for a user, select the Ellipsis then choose Disable MFA.

A message will display to confirm disabling along with details of the MFA setup by the user.

Export and Filter


The user list can be exported by selecting the Ellipsis next to the Search SKY Users field, then choosing Download Company Users. This export includes each user’s email address, name, and app permissions.


Use the Filter icon to filter the list between Active Users and Inactive Users. Additionally, filter by those who have MFA Enabled and those who have MFA Not Enabled.