Tracking Lot Numbers

Lot Numbers can be entered at the purchase, sale, and manufacture of inventory so Lots can be tracked all the way through the program and maintain accurate lot balances for products.

Tracking of Product Lot Numbers can be done at several levels. The type of Lot Number tracking used should be based on the company need. Following are some of the Lot Number tracking options on a department-by-department basis:

  • No tracking of Lot Numbers.
  • Type in Lots as Product is sold or delivered. No Lots are entered as Product is purchased.
  • Maintain valid Lot Numbers for each Product by entering the Lot Number on both Purchases and Sales. Lot Numbers entered at purchasing are available to be selected at the Select Products screen for point-of-sale transactions and Inventory Adjustments. Options are available by Inventory Department to warn or stop the sale if a Lot Number is not entered for a product in a department where Lot Numbers are required. Amount on Hand is tracked separately for each Lot.

If any level of Lot Number validation is required as product is sold (Invoice, Delivery Tickets, and Blend Tickets) or purchased, then set it up at the department Profile screen.

  • The Missing LotNum setting will check that a Lot Number has been selected or typed in for any item within this department. It does not check that the Lot Number is valid, only that one is noted. This check happens at both Purchase and Point-of-Sale.
  • The Invalid LotNum setting will warn or stop the sale if the Lot Number is missing or if the Lot Number used does not match any of the existing Lots for a particular product. This verification happens at the Point-of-Sale transaction.

Note: The settings in the screen below will stop the sale if there is no Lot Number indicated and will warn if it does not match any of the Lot Numbers recorded for the product.

For Products needing strict control of Lot Numbers, Lot Numbers should be recorded as the Product is purchased. Valid Lots for a particular product may be viewed at the Product / Seed Lots screen. Selecting Calculate will calculate the number of units of each Lot that remains based on the total purchases and sales.

Another place where Lot Number quantities can be reviewed is at the Select Products window. By right-clicking on a Product, additional information about the Product displays along with a grid showing the available lots. Select Calculate to display the current Lot quantities.

For those departments that have Lot Numbers maintained, all sales or deliveries of Product should have valid numbers associated with them. The easiest way is to select Lot Numbers is from the list of valid Lot Numbers at the Inventory Selection window. A drop-down list displays all the valid Lots entered on purchase transactions for this product.

Reporting Options

The Lot Number is displayed on Agvance Sales and Purchase reports. Detail of the Lot Number balance can be viewed by running the Inventory Detail report at Reports / Inventory / Inventory Status by choosing the Lot Number style.