Delete Lot Numbers

End of Fiscal Year

The best time to delete old Lot Numbers is at the end of the fiscal year. Before closing the year, make sure all Lot Numbers have the correct balances. Any lots needing deleted should be at zero. Make any inventory adjustments if necessary.

At Accounting / End of Periods / Fiscal Month, when ending the 12th fiscal month, a Delete Lot Data option is available in the bottom left. If selected, all Lot Numbers with zero balances are deleted.

Product Seed/Lots

To remove one or two lots, it is easiest to go to the product's profile.

Edit the product at File / Open / Products. On the Seed / Lots tab, select Calculate under the Lot Number grid to display each Lot Number’s quantity.

If the quantity is zero, select the row number to the left of the Lot Number so the line is highlighted and press Delete on the keyboard. Choose Save on the product file.

If the quantity is not zero, research the product's balance and do an inventory adjustment before deleting the Lot Number.

Purge Zero Balance Lot Numbers

When several Lot Numbers need deleted and it is not the end of the fiscal year, the Purge Zero Balance Lot Numberutility may be used.  

Navigate to Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Hub / Purge Zero Balance Lot Numbers.

Choose Show Lots to display the Lot Numbers. In the Show Lots Less Than window, enter the quantity to display Lot Numbers with less than the amount entered and choose OK.

All Lot Numbers with a balance less than the amount specified are displayed in the Purge Zero Balance Lot Numbers grid with checkboxes in the Delete column.

Note: Always do an inventory adjustment before deleting a lot if possible. To delete lots with balances without doing an inventory adjustment or lots that have had activity during the year, contact SSI for assistance.

Select the lots to delete and choose Continue. The Lot Numbers are then deleted.

Inventory Adjustments Note: Adjusting a Lot Number balance also adjusts that product's Amount on Hand. The Amount on Hand should be the sum of the Lot Number balances. After adjusting Lot Numbers, check the product's overall Amount on Hand to verify it is still correct.