Single User Defined Nutrient per Location

Q.  How is the User Defined Nutrient set up by location?

A.  Set up the User Defined Nutrient at Hub / Setup / Location Preferences. This allows each location to have a single unique nutrient defined. For example, one location may need Mo (Molybdenum), while a second location needs Cl (Chlorine), and the third location needs HA (Humic Acid), but none of these locations needs multiple nutrients as an analysis for processes such as formulation or reporting.

All Blend Ticket and Field Plan documents, the Blend Ticket window, the View Analysis, and the Start With forms use the User Defined Soil Test Heading setting saved with that transaction’s location. 

The Booking and Invoice by Analysis print what is saved with the transaction. If editing the Booking or Invoice and resaving, the printed Analysis is updated only if the Analysis is rebuilt. As a result, the Sales Analysis, including the Analysis type Invoices, display what was entered at the time the Invoice was saved. The product uses the department’s location to get the User Defined setting for both the Information window and the Product Reference List / Blend Setup report. The Field Information form uses the field’s location if populated. If set to None, the grower’s location is used. 

When calculating or printing the presentation style of the Nutrient Rec, the User Defined Soil Test Heading comes from the field’s location. If set to None, the grower’s location is used. The Product Set setup and Product Set General Information report uses the product set’s location to determine the value for the User Defined Heading. The Location Preferences in Blending and Planning use the currently selected location to set the heading of the User Defined row in the Tolerance grid. 

The Grower Summary report in Planning and the Total Nutrient Applied report in Blending use the common location from the Plans or Blends to determine the heading on the report. If there are multiple locations, UD, is used. When using the Element style Tonnage Tax report for the states of AL, AR, ID, and KY, the report displays the nutrient of the product for the location of the Invoice, or the User Defined Soil Test Heading value saved with the Invoice if reported by Analysis. When filed by fertilizer code, the Tonnage Tax report displays the User Defined Nutrient tied to the location of the product or the User Defined Soil Test Heading value saved with the Invoice if reported by Analysis.

To print a User Defined Nutrient on State Fertilizer Tags, enter the name that needs to print in the Fertilizer Tag UD Label as shown in the example above.