Scale Ticket Not Showing for Import into a Delivery Ticket

Q.  I am trying to import a Scale Ticket into a Delivery Ticket, but the Scale Ticket is not able to be found. What should I do?

A.  When a Scale Ticket is made for a Delivery Ticket type and does not have a valid product selected, it will not be available to import into the Delivery Ticket using the Import Scale Ticket button. 

In order for this Scale Ticket to be available, choose the product on the Delivery Ticket, and double click in the  column. This shows the Scale Tickets that are available to import for the selected customer. 

The Scale Ticket should now be shown and able to be imported. 

In order to ensure Scale Tickets will easily be found in the future, it is recommended that two options are enabled. On the Agvance Scale Interface / Setup / Company Preferences screen, select the checkboxes for Require a Product for Delivery Ticket Records and Product Must be Valid