Transferring Agronomy Scale Tickets

If the Scale Interface is connected to a computer that is connected to the main Agvance database (via WAN, LAN, or Citrix), the saved tickets are automatically transferred to the database. There is no need to generate or import a transfer file.

When the Scale Interface is connected to a stand-alone computer, it is necessary to generate a transfer file and save it to a removable media device such as a flash drive. The removable media device is then taken to a machine connected to the network. The transfer file is imported into the database and, after this import, the Scale Tickets are available for importing into a Delivery Ticket or Blend Ticket.

A location would import a transfer file if they are bringing in the Scale Tickets from another source. Locations that have the scale machine not networked to the data would need to receive a transfer file so they can transfer the Scale Tickets into the database and have them available for importing into the Accounting or Blending module.

Navigate to Agvance Scale Interface / Operations / Transfer Scale Tickets.


  • Import Transfer File Type – Select the type for the file being imported.
  • Transfer File – Use the Browse icon to select the file to be imported.
  • Import Transfer File – This option allows importing Scale Tickets to the network from a file created by a stand-alone machine. Scale Tickets are imported into the Scale Interface to be used on Delivery Tickets, Blend Tickets, or Purchase Receipts.


This option creates a file to transfer selected Scale Tickets to another computer. This option should only be used when the scale computer is not connected to the network.

  • Select Non-Transferred Tickets – Use Select to choose Scale Tickets to be transferred. The default is All Scale Tickets.
  • List Non-Transferred Tickets – Select to view a Pre-Transfer report showing the Scale Tickets to be transferred.
  • Transfer File – Select the file to be generated. The path defaults from the Default Transfer File Location entry at Setup / Configure Scale Interface on the General tab. The transfer file may also be manually selected at this screen. A file must be selected before importing the transfer file.
  • Generate Transfer File – Select to generate a transfer file. This option is used when the Scale Interface is on a stand-alone machine.

How to Transfer Scale Tickets from Stand Alone Machine

  1. Go to Operations / Transfer Scale Tickets.
  2. On the Export tab, select any or all untransferred tickets if using a stand-alone scale.
  3. Optionally view a list of all untransferred tickets by selecting List Untransferred Tickets.
  4. Set the Transfer File path to the location where the new transfer file will be saved.
  5. Select Generate Transfer File.

How to Import a Transfer File

Note: Delivery Ticket Ticket Types are available for importing into Delivery Tickets. Tickets that are Unknown or Blend Ticket types are available for importing into a Blend Ticket. Purchase Receipt types are available for importing into Purchase Receipts.

  1. Using a computer networked to the database, go to Operations / Transfer Scale Tickets.
  2. On the Import tab, select the Import Transfer File Type to import and enter the path to the transfer file in the Transfer File area.
  3. Select Import Transfer File.
  4. The Scale Tickets in the file are imported into the database.