Record Conditions

This function is used to record weather and field conditions noted at the time of application. Record Conditions is found at File / Open / Blend Ticket or by selecting the icon.

The Record Conditions window may also be accessed by editing a Blend Ticket then right-clicking on Additional Info. The information prints on the Custom Application Sheet associated with the ticket. 

Note: The drop-down lists (for Wind Direction, Application Direction, Field Condition, Soil Moisture, Soil Texture, and Meter Brand) allow selecting from the options listed or manually entering information. Information manually entered in these fields is available for selection in the drop-down lists after saving the record.

A preference may be set to automatically prompt to complete the field conditions when saving a Blend Ticket. The Record Conditions on Save of Blend Ticket preference is found at Setup / Location Preferences on the Print Prefs tab. To prevent recording field conditions upon saving every Blend Ticket, uncheck the Record Conditions on Save of Blend Ticket option.

There is also a preference to Suppress Soil Conditions on the Custom App Sheet at Setup / Location Preferences on the Custom App Sheet tab. The soil conditions are also imported into the field history with the Transfer to Field History function and can be viewed on the History tab of the Field in the Hub. The wind direction may contain six characters so directions may be entered as a degree number rather than a compass reading.