Field Conditions on Custom App


Field conditions may be printed on the Custom App sheet for a Blend Ticket. The specific data element information can be set up to print, based on the location preferences. 


In the Blending or Planning module, navigate to the Setup / Location Preferences / Custom App Sheet tab. In the Print Field Condition Information section, select the options to print.

The selected options are location settings and apply to the Print Custom App. option when printing a Blend Ticket in Blending or in Dispatch or to the Print Custom Apps option when printing an Invoice in Accounting.  

On the Blend Ticket, right-click on the Additional Info button.

Record conditions and planting information.  Click OK.

The recorded conditions and planting information (or a blank line if this information is left blank) prints on the Additional Info area of the Custom App sheet.

Additionally, the information is available on the Field History tab of the Field profile when Blend Tickets are transferred to field history and the season is archived.