Dicamba Federal Regulations - Recording Clean Out

Q.  How is the date and method of Clean Out recorded to meet Dicamba Federal Regulations?

A.  At Blending / Add a Blend Ticket right click on the Additional Info… button and the Record Conditions window displays.

The Record Conditions window is also accessible from the Select a Blend Ticket window at File / Open / Blend Ticket.  Highlight the desired blend ticket and click the Record Conditions button.

On the Record Conditions window, set the Date Applied and set the Rinse Out value to True.

Setting the Rinse Out field to True activates the Cleanout fields.  Record the Method and Date for Before Application and After Application.  If a Method is recorded, completing the Date field is required.  The Before Application Date must be prior or equal to the Date Applied and the After Application Date must be equal to or after the Date Applied.  Select OK.