Record Blend Ticket as Loaded

This function is used to mark Blend Tickets as Loaded, therefore affecting inventory. Record as Loaded is found at File / Open / Blend Ticket. A shortcut is also available. 

The Record Blend Tickets as Loaded window displays all tickets that are Not Loaded. The Location Filter allows displaying only those tickets created at a specific location. Select the tickets to be marked as Loaded. After choosing OK, the status of the selected Blend Tickets is changed and the inventory is affected accordingly.

Note: For the inventory to remain unaffected, be sure to skip any templates that have been entered.

This is most useful when not using an automated blender, when not re-weighing the trucks after loading, and when the original ticket was not marked as Loaded.

Blend Ticket Marked Loaded in Error

If a Blend Ticket is loaded, inventory was affected, so the status cannot be changed. One option is to edit the Blend Ticket to zero out the line item quantity. Another option is to void and re-enter the ticket without checking the Loaded box.