Loaded Delivery Tickets

Delivery Tickets are intended to record outbound product movement without affecting the customer balance (yet). There are two statuses of a Delivery Ticket: Loaded and Not Loaded. A Delivery Ticket that is not loaded can serve as a work order and will not affect inventory until it is edited to the Loaded status and saved. Unloaded tickets can also be marked Loaded by using the Inventory / Record Delivery Tickets as Loaded function.

Field Plans from the Planning module, Sales Orders from the Planning/Mobile Sales modules, and Scale Tickets from the Scale Interface module may be imported into Delivery Tickets.

By using Delivery Tickets, inventory amounts on hand are kept current and product that is ready to be billed can be easily tracked. Select whether the ticket is Pickup or Delivered in the Note area. A printed load ticket which has EPA #s and package size units listed can optionally be printed.

Selecting Price Delivery allows pricing to be shown. On the Price Delivery window, prices may manually be set, or, by using the customer selection and choosing Default Prices, individual pricing for the different billing parties may be set based on the default pricing and departmental overrides established on the customer files.

Loaded Delivery Tickets are considered unprocessed and are available for automatic invoicing. Delivery Ticket reports can print all unprocessed tickets to help with the pre-billing task and ensure all tickets get invoiced.

If a chemical regulatory compliance database is being used, hazardous material shipping papers, SDS sheets, and/or Worker Protection Sheets can be printed along with the Delivery Ticket.

Record Delivery Ticket as Loaded

Only loaded tickets affect inventory and only loaded tickets can be invoiced. If an unloaded Delivery Ticket has been created and it needs loaded for billing, go to Inventory / Record Delivery Tickets as Loaded.

Any unloaded Delivery Tickets are displayed here. Select the ticket(s) to be changed to a Loaded status and therefore affect inventory. By selecting the loads and choosing OK, these tickets also become available for invoicing.