Reconcile Credit Invoices

This function at A/R / Reconcile Credit Invoices allows Credit Invoices and/or Unapplied Cash to easily be applied against open Invoices. It can be run at any time during the month and multiple times if desired. It is recommended to use this utility prior to assessing Finance Charges and printing customer Statements.

Any customer with Credit Invoices and/or Unapplied Cash (if selected) as well as open regular Invoices is automatically selected or specific customers may be selected by using Select or Classification.

If the Preview Payments option is selected, when Post is selected, the first customer is displayed for review. If this option is not selected, zero dollar payments are automatically posted for applicable customers without further review. All credits are applied (oldest to newest) to open Invoices from the top down in the payment grid (just as Auto Apply does at the regular Payment on Accounts screen).

If the option to Use U/A Cash was selected, then it is applied in addition to the Credit Invoices. The grid loads in Standard order – credits first, finance charges second, then other charges by due date. The Group Customers By Location option orders the customers by Location ID first then Customer ID as the payments are processed. With this option unchecked, payments are ordered by Customer ID.

A Reconcile Credit Invoices Prescan report is available to Preview or Print. This report includes Unapplied Cash, the Customer ID, Customer Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Due Date, and Unpaid Balance, and is grouped and sorted in the same manner as when previewing payments.

Save creates a zero-dollar payment applying the credits to open Invoices. Skip does no posting and displays the next applicable customer.