Quick Ticket Preferences


Go to Accounting / A/R / Manage Quick Tickets and choose Options to set some key preferences.

Complete the information for each user utilizing the Quick Ticket function. These preferences are set for that particular user.

  • Cash Customer – This is set per user so multi-site companies working in the same database may default to their own location’s cash customer.
  • Default Invoice Type – This indicates which Invoice Type defaults each time the Quick Ticket function is opened. This may be overridden as the tickets are processed.
  • Online Posting – Selecting this option causes each transaction to create a separate Invoice at the time of the save regardless of the transaction type (cash, check, charge, etc.). Creating separate Invoices takes a bit longer but maintains accurate inventory throughout the day. Leaving this option unchecked causes the transactions to be held until they are posted. To post, go to A/R / Manage Quick Ticket, select the tickets to be posted, and choose Post.
  • Note: Inventory is not updated until the transactions are posted to Invoices. If Online Posting is not enabled, inventory amounts on hand will not be kept current throughout the day.
  • Set Due Date to Next FM – This works in conjunction with the Calculate discounts/due dates by fiscal month A/R preference and is only available when Online Posting is not utilized. If this option is selected, the A/R preference is used and a months ahead term is selected. The fiscal month is used as the basis for determining the discount dates. If the Location Preference for the Invoice Due Date is set to Terms and a months ahead term is used, then the due date is also set based on the fiscal month of the Quick Ticket.
    Example: A company has a retail store. The office closes at 5:00 on the last day of the month but the retail store remains open later. The fiscal month has not yet been closed but the business done after 5 p.m. should be included in the next fiscal month. With this option selected, the Quick Ticket transactions created at the store during those later hours are saved on the last day of the month but will really be posted in the following fiscal month (when the office is open the following business day). Therefore, the discount or due date on the Quick Tickets should not be one month ahead but should be two months out from the transaction date. This option could be selected when the office staff leaves at 5:00. It automatically gets deselected when the fiscal month is closed.
  • Use Customer Tax Information – With this option selected, the tax rate on the Quick Ticket is based on the tax information on the Customer file instead of the Location.
  • Require Sales Person – Before saving the Quick Ticket, a salesperson selection is required if this option is selected.
  • Require Signature for Company Credit – When using the 40 Character Plain Text’ Form type and a signature pad is being used, this option requires the Customer to sign the signature pad when using the Company Credit Pay Method.
  • Use Discounts from Inventory Departments – If discounts are set on the Inventory Department, this option allows those discounts to be used on the Quick Ticket screen. When selected, the columns in the Product grid are changed. Original Price and Discount % columns show in the Product grid which allows entering discounts for individual line items.
  • Product Selection – This choice is the default when processing a Quick Ticket transaction. Choosing Product Selection Window causes the standard Product Selection window to display without double-clicking on the <Product Name> heading. Choosing Bar Code causes the cursor at the Quick Ticket screen to be ready to accept a bar code scan. Prod ID / Alt ID / Name causes the cursor to be in the input area ready for the selection of Product ID, Alternate ID, or Name, and the information to be entered.
  • Print Options – This allows the selection of the printer and number of copies of the transaction, receipts, and load copies that will print. On the receipts, it also controls whether the location heading prints. Select the Form Type which includes 8 ½ x 11 Laser, 8 ½ x 11 Laser 2, 8 ½ x 5 ½ Laser, 8 ½ x 5 ½ Dot Matrix, 40 Character Dot Matrix, 4.4” Star Thermal, 40 Character Plain Text, or 8 ½ x 5 ½ Generic. For the Load Copy, select the Printer, Form Type, and enter the number of Copies to print.
  • Cash Drawer Options – the Quick Ticket function can open a cash drawer connected to the computer via serial or parallel port. Indicate the Cash Drawer Port and the Open Codes for the cash drawer model being used. If Com1Com4 is selected, the Baud/Parity/Data/Stop information must also be entered along with selecting if the RTS or DTR is enabled.
  • Note: The cash drawer instruction manual normally contains information about the type of port and open codes needed. If not, a hardware technician may need to be consulted.
  • Terms – Terms are available for the 8 ½ x 5 ½ Laser Form Type. Verbiage may be entered to print on the Quick Ticket.
  • Age Restricted Product Attribute – Some products are not to be sold to under-age customers. Setting an attribute on the product for the Age Restriction and then setting the required age in that attribute will require the Customer’s date of birth to be entered at the save of any Quick Ticket where those products are used. If the customer is obviously old enough to buy the product, 99999999 can be entered to bypass entering the date of birth.
  • Restricted Product Checking – Although the Quick Ticket function does not do the thorough permit checking like the standard Invoicing screen, a warning or stop the sale of restricted product may be used at this screen. If permit checking is preferred, set this to Warn Only or to Disallow (the sale). If no permit checking is necessary, choose Don’t Check.
  • Moneris Receipt Print Options – These options enable when the location is using the Moneris Secure Pass Thru (POSPAD) option for Moneris Bank Card Processing.
    • Printer – Select the printer for the Moneris payment receipts.
    • # of Duplicates – Enter the number of copies of receipts that should print for Moneris transactions.
    • Printer Type – Select the option for the Moneris payment receipt. Options are Standard, 40 Character Dot Matrix, or 40 Character Plain Text.
  • Pole Display Options – For cash registers with a pole display, the port and connection information may be completed along with the Message to display on the pole while the Quick Ticket is idle. The Refresh time should be entered in milliseconds.
  • Additional Print Options - This area allows additional options for the Quick Ticket document.
  • Print Second Signature Line – If two signature lines are needed on the Quick Ticket document, select this option.
  • Print Product Lot Number – When this option is selected and the 8 1/2 x 11 Laser Form Type is used, the product lot numbers print on the Quick Ticket document.
  • Print Quick Ticket Message – This option allows an additional message to print on the Quick Ticket document.
  • Print Message Above Signature Line – Optionally print another message located above the signature line.
  • Print list price on any invoice line item where the price does not match the list price – With this option selected, when the Unit Price entered on the Quick Ticket is lower than the List Price of the product, both the Unit Price and List Price are shown on the Quick Ticket document.


  1. Setup preferences for Quick Tickets are found at Accounting / A/R / Manage Quick Tickets. From here, select Options.
    Note: Preferences must be set for each user accessing Quick Tickets.
  2. Double-click in the Cash Customer field and select the default customer for Quick Ticket generic transactions.
    Note: A customer called Cash Sales may be added for this purpose.
  3. Select the preferred Default Invoice Type. This defaults as the preferred Pay Method on the Select Sales Type window of the Quick Ticket.
    Note: The customer and the Pay Method may be edited when processing the Quick Ticket.
  4. Choose the Product Selection method preferred when adding a ticket.
    Note: This will prevent having to select a different Product Selection method each time a Quick Ticket is processed.
  5. Select Print Options, Cash Drawer Options, and any other preferred setup options available.
  6. Choose Save.