Post Administrative GL Splits

This option at Accounting / G/L / Post Administrative G/L Splits distributes funds from the selected General Ledger account to the accounts in the selected G/L Split.

  • JE Date – This is the date to be recorded on the Journal Entry.
  • Fiscal Month – Select the month in which the entry will be posted.
  • Reverse Next Month – If this Journal Entry should be reversed in the following fiscal month, select this option.
  • Post as one JE – If multiple departments are being posted, using this option records the entry in one Journal Entry instead of creating a separate Journal Entry for each department.
  • G/L Split ID – Double-click to select the G/L Split. The G/L Split must be entered at Setup / G/L / G/L Splits before posting can occur. This split determines the General Ledger accounts and percentages used when posting.
  • Admin G/L Acct – Double-click to select the General Ledger account to be used for this split. The balance of this selected account will be distributed based on the percentages set on the G/L Split.
  • Preview Post – A report displays which may optionally be printed showing how the accounts are affected by this posting.
  • Post – Selecting this saves the Journal Entries.