Mobile Energy - Split Billing and Prepay

This ticket is split 50/50 between 2 customers who have both prepaid for propane. The gallons left and price per gallon differs for each customer. The first customer has $100 left in prepay, but this customer's share of the ticket is $250. As a result, View displays in the Level column, indicating the program requires direction.

Click on View and highlight the Booking to be used. 


Click Done. Select the Split option to split the lines into one paid line and one unpaid line for the balance. 


This product has now been split into 2 lines. This is split for both customers on this ticket. Click Next to view the 2nd customer's ticket.

Since the amount of prepay differed for these customers, both lines show View in the Level column. Click on View for the first line. 

At the Select a Booking Option screen, select the Split option. 


Due to the difference between prepaid gallons and price per gallon, this customer ends up with a 3rd split line that has View in the Level column.  Click View to display the Select a Booking Options screen, which shows up blank because the prepay has been used in full. 

Click Done, and the Level column for the third line returns to List or the customer’s default price level.