Updating Agvance Mobile Energy


After Agvance v7.0.23980 or newer is installed on all devices, upon logging into Agvance Mobile Energy, the AME version is verified and compared with the Agvance version being accessed from the Home Office.


Upon logging in to Agvance Mobile Energy, the following message displays if the AME version and the Agvance version being accessed from the Home Office are different.  

After selecting OK, select the All Data button on the Agvance Mobile Energy window. Another message displays again saying the versions are not the same. However, this message also says syncing will not occur until AME is updated and asks to update. 

Select Yes to update.

Note: The program files will download in the background. 

When the file is finished downloading, double-click to start the install process. The InstallShield Wizard displays, just as it does for a standard Agvance update. Select the Next button. 

The Serial Number and Verification Code default into the next window. Select Next.

The path to the program files defaults in. Select Next again.

Select the Use Existing Data option. The path should already be established. Select the Next button.

Select Install.

After the program files have installed, the following window displays. Select Finish

The InstallShield Window closes.

Log into Mobile Energy.

If the installed update includes a database conversion, the following window displays. Select OK to convert the data.   

When the Conversion window closes, select the Sync button. After syncing is complete, the driver is ready to begin the day.