Minnesota CNS Lienholder Import


The Minnesota CNS Lienholder import is used to bring in the Minnesota CNS Farm Product Monthly List into Agvance.


An email will be sent when the new Lienholder list is available. Select the link to access the file.  

A Minnesota Business & Lien System webpage opens displaying that the order was processed. Select the most recent Data File available.

The following message will display at the bottom of the window. 

Select the dropdown arrow on the Save button, and select Save As.

A window opens to select where to save this file. Remember the saved location for the import.

A similar message will then appear saying the download has completed and asking to open the import. This is not necessary. Select the X on the far right corner. 

The file has now been downloaded and saved on the computer. The Internet window may now be closed.

Navigate to the file location, right-click on the file, and select Extract All…

The Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window will appear. 

Select the Extract button, and the .ZIP file will be converted to a .CSV format that Agvance can import.

If the Show extracted files when complete option is selected on the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window, the location of where the file was extracted will be given. A folder will be added to the .CSV file on the computer. The location of this folder and file will need to be known upon entering Agvance to complete the import.

In Agvance, navigate to Grain / Transfers / Import / State Lienholder Data. Select the Minnesota (Central Notification System) option as the State Format.

Selecting the Delete All Records for the Selected State button, clears any existing Lien information. 

Select the  button to browse to the location of the saved file.  

A new window opens. Browse to the location of the file that was extracted and saved. Select the correct file, and choose Open.

Note: There is now only one file to import.

The correct file path will now be shown in the Import File Name area of the Import State Lienholder Data window. Select Import to complete the import.

While the import is in progress, the Importing Lienholder Information window will appear with a green progress bar. 

During this import, the computer may go into a Not Responding state. Let the process complete without additional clicking; however, other Agvance modules can be accessed at this time.  

The windows will disappear when the import is complete.

Run the Lien Holders Report at Grain / Grain Reports / Lien Holders Import and select Complete Listing from the Print Information dropdown menu. The report will run and be imported into Agvance. 

Using the Export

To use the imported Minnesota Lienholder file, Add a Settlement with a Priced destination record. A Lien button displays on the Paynames tab which matches the customer on the transaction from the imported state records file.

When editing a Settlement, the Lien button is only visible when the Apply to Destination button is used. The button displays red when the current customer does not have a MN Lien Holder ID on set on the Grain Information tab of the customer file.

By default, the match criteria is an exact match on the customer’s address, city, and state, along with the customer’s last name within the name of the lien records. These filters may be modified to search manually to locate the customer’s lienholder number.

If an ID number is found, selecting the lienholder ID number saves the ID to the Customer file, and the Paynames are reloaded using the newly assigned ID.

Agvance Grain Settlement Report

When choosing Installment Sale or Deferred Payment in the Select Destination area of the Settlement Destination Report, an Include Only Blank MN Lienholder IDs option is available. This option filters the report for only customers without the Minnesota Lien Holder ID completed on the Grain Information tab when adding or editing a customer at Hub / File / Open / Customers.