This area at Setup / A/R / JDC Setup allows the setup of the JDF Multi-Use Account integration such as credit plan numbers, descriptive billing codes, terminal numbers, and preferences. For further information on this optional add-on module, please contact SSI.

JDF Multi-Use Payment

This area under the A/R menu is for entering payments that customers make on JDF Multi-Use accounts through John Deere Credit. The Agvance JDF Multi-Use module interfaces with John Deere and is an additional module for purchase. For more information, contact SSI.

  • If the validation code is unavailable, then type 'NP' (for "Not Present") into the Validation Code field.
  • If the validation code is present but unreadable, type 'IL' ("Illegible") into the Validation Code field.

In both cases, the credit card should clear through without error.

When processing a credit card through John Deere Credit processing, the authorization is saved, but it is not saved on the Quick Ticket. All transactions are logged in the JDCTransaction table. This table has a link to the document on which the transaction is included.

Note: John Deere Financial Multi-Use Account Integration (JDF Multi-use) was formerly known as ‘Farm Plan’


In certain cases it is necessary to void a JDF Multi-Use type payment without sending a credit transaction to JDF Multi-Use. One of these situations is when a JDF Multi-Use transaction is initially accepted but then rejected later.

To accomplish this, you will need to add a new payment method at Accounting / Setup / Pay Methods called JDF Multi-Use Correction. Set the G/L account for this payment method to the JDF Multi-Use clearing account.

If payment's fiscal month is still open, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the original payment at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Accounting / A/R Utilities / Edit Pay Methods and select JDF Multi-Use Correction.
  2. Void the payment.

If the fiscal month has been closed (so the payment can't be voided), follow these steps:

  1. Reverse the invoice(s) paid by the JDF Multi-Use payment.
  2. Take a negative payment on the credit invoice(s) using the JDF Multi-Use Correction payment method.

JDF Multi-Use Preauthorization

This area under the A/R menu is to obtain preauthorization on a customer’s JDF Multi-Use account prior to a sale. At the time of the sale, the preauthorization number is entered when transmitting to John Deere. For more information on purchasing the JDF Multi-Use module, contact SSI.

Syngenta/JDF Multi-Use Credit Plan

Syngenta supports a special credit plan for JDF Multi-Use, and requires specific information about the sales before they can be processed. 

These payments can't be entered in Agvance the way a normal JDF Multi-Use payment is entered. Instead, set up a new payment method (at Accounting / Setup / Pay Methods) called JDF Multi-Use Syngenta (or something similar) and point it to the JDF Multi-Use Clearing account. Take the payment on the Invoice in Agvance using this new payment method. The JDF Multi-Use Clearing account can be reconciled normally at the appropriate time.

To enter the payment for JDF Multi-Use, the user must go to JDF Multi-Use's website and manually enter the information there.

*John Deere Financial Multi-Use Account Integration (JDF Multi-use) was formerly known as ‘Farm Plan’