Add Purchase Invoice using Multi-ICT

Multi-location companies often transfer product from one Location to another. Using the Multi-ICT option allows easy creation of Purchase Invoices from multiple Inter-Company Transfers (ICT).

At Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Invoicing, select Multi ICT. The Select ICT window displays listing the Vendor ID, Ticket #, Ship Date, From, To, Control #, Load #, ICTOffsetTicket, and Notes.

Note: If the ICT was created from a Blend or Delivery Ticket using the Ship From feature, the Blend or Delivery Ticket number is populated in the Notes column.

Choose the ICTs to be processed and select Import.

Note: Right-clicking a ticket in the Select ICT window displays the ticket details in a window for review prior to importing.

The Add a Purchase Invoice window appears for the first transfer selected. Choosing Skip allows skipping that transaction without creating a Purchase Invoice and, if multiple ICTs were imported, the next transaction displays. On the From Receipt tab, review the Qty Recvd and the <$/Unit>. Correct any information necessary and select Save to save the Purchase Invoice and move to the next transaction. Selecting Cancel closes out of the transaction without saving.