Inbound Process for EDNs

EDNs may be received in SKY Warehouse and then processed in Agvance.


  1. Select Inbound
  2. Search for and select the appropriate vendor. 
  3. Choose Create New Bill of Lading
  4. On the Vendor tab, enter any necessary information. 
  5. On the Product tab, choose Select EDN
  6. A list of EDNs already retrieved through the web service displays. Select the EDN containing the product to be received. If the EDN is not listed, select Get New EDNs.
    Note: If an error is received, it indicates there are no EDNs to be retrieved. It is recommended to reach out to the supplier to request the EDNs be sent over. 
  7. Once the Bill of Lading has been saved, it is available to be retrieved in Agvance to complete the purchasing process. It has not affected inventory at this point.


  1. Go to Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Receipts and select Add
  2. Choose the appropriate Vendor and then Select Mobile Inv
  3. A listing of BOLs created within SKY Warehouse displays. Choose the appropriate BOL, verify all information is accurate, then choose Select
  4. If a Purchase Order for the product exists, the receipt will be automatically applied. If multiple Purchase Orders exist, choose the appropriate Purchase Order for this transaction. 
  5. Enter any additional Purchase Receipt information, verify everything is accurate, then choose Save.
    Note: Changes can be made before processing the BOL in Agvance. After that, the Purchase Receipt can be voided, but this will not bring back the EDN.