Grower360 Resources

Attachments and Documents made visible to Grower360 from SKY Customer are available on the Resources tab. The Grower Summary report from Agvance can also be sent to the Resources area in Grower360.

For details on sending this report from Agvance, see the Grower Summary section of Planning Reports.

Note: Sending the Grower Summary Report to Grower360 is only available in Agvance version 7.0.21280 or higher.


When the Leaf icon is filled in with black, this means the document is ALWAYS visible to the Grower. The only way to keep the Grower from seeing this document is to delete the file. If filled in with blue, the document can optionally be shared with the Grower. Selecting the icon gives the option to show/hide the document in Grower360. Once hidden, the icon will be an outline rather than filled in to indicate it is no longer being displayed in Grower360.

Choose the Ellipsis to View Attachment or Delete Attachment.


To see the document/attachment, select the Ellipsis and choose View Attachment.