Dicamba License on Custom App Sheet

Q.  As a company that custom applies Dicamba products for post applications, we need to be able to print the custom applicator’s Dicamba license number and the date of training on the Custom Application sheet.

A.  A Dicamba License # and Training Date may be entered for an Applicator at Hub / Setup / Applicators.

When an applicator with this information completed is selected in the applicator grid found in the Additional Info area of the Blend Ticket, this license information prints on the Individual or Combined formats of the Custom Application document.

Note: To print the Dicamba line on the Custom App Sheet regardless of whether the information is completed on the applicator file or not, an Always Print Dicamba Label preference is available at Blending / Setup / Location Preferences / Custom App Sheet.

Selecting this option prints a Dicamba label on the Custom App Sheet and includes the applicable license number and date or a blank line if the number and date are unavailable.