Establish Lot Numbers for Existing Products

  1. Add a lot number in the product file at File / Open / Products / Edit / Seed Lots by typing the lot numbers into the Lot Number grid and saving the product. Do not enter a quantity.
  2. Adjust the amount on hand for each product to zero. To do this, add an Inventory Adjustment at Inventory / Inventory Adjustments. Select the product(s) and set the quantity in the Physical column to zero. Select Calculate Difference and choose Save to save the adjustment.
  3. To set the correct quantity for each lot, add another Inventory Adjustment. This time check the Use Lot Quantities option. At the Select Products screen, double-click every product that was adjusted in Step 2 to add it to the shopping cart. Right-click on any product in the shopping cart and choose Select All Lots. The shopping cart will now contain every lot number for every product that was in the shopping cart. Choose Done.
  4. In the Physical column, enter the correct physical count for each lot and Save the Inventory Adjustment. This sets each lot to the correct quantity and resets each product’s overall amount on hand.