Donating Product

Sometimes donations of products are given to certain organizations. The donated product must be removed from the inventory, and the amount of the donation should be recorded in the general ledger.

  1. Verify that a customer exists for the transaction. The organization receiving the donation could be the customer, or a generic Donation Customer could be added if it is not necessary to track by organization.
  2. Add an Invoice (A/R / Invoice / Add) for the donation customer, selecting the products donated.
  3. Go to Setup / A/R / Pay Methods to verify that a Donation Pay Method exists. If it does not exist, choose Add Row and add it, directing the general ledger posting to the Donations expense account.
  4. Go to the customer Payment on Account screen (A/R / Payments / Add) to add a payment for the donation Invoice. Select the donation customer, enter the donation amount in the Payment Amount area, and select the Donation Pay Method. Save the payment.