Defaulting in Drying Charges

Q.  How do I set up drying charges so they will default in on the settlement? 

A.  Setting Up the Drying Charge Grade Factor 

  1. Add a grade factor at Grain / Setup / Grade Factors 

  1. Set the Factor Type drop down box to Premium / Discount or PD and Shrink 

  1. Check the Drying Charges checkbox on the grade factor that will be used to calculate drying. 


Adding a Premium/Discount Table to Calculate the Drying Charges 

  1. Add a premium/discount table at Grain / Setup / Premium / Discount Tables 

  1. Select a commodity and the grade factor that is set up for drying charges.  

  1. We suggest putting in a description so you know this table is for drying charges. If you have different drying tables for each location, we would suggest that the description include the location or some location identifier.  

  1. Do not select the Drying Charge deduction on the Premium/Discount Table. If it is added here and then set up as a default deduction, then the drying charges will double up on the settlement.  

  1. Enter in the Test Values and Discounts. 


Setting Up Default Drying Charges Per Location 

  1. Add a settlement deduction for drying charges at Grain / Setup / Settlement Deductions. 

  1. Only one drying charge deduction needs to be added if the commodity/location's purchase account is used as the G/L account. If each location has its own drying charge account, then multiple drying charge deductions need to be added.  

  1. Go to Setup / Grain Ledger G/L Posting Account 

  1. The drying charge should be set as the Default Deduction Code on the Grain Ledger G/L Posting Account window as you set up each location's G/L Posting Accounts. 


  1. When settling an Assembly/Scale Ticket, drying charges will default on the settlement if drying charges are required.