December 2023 SKY Release Notes


  • AN-2596 / SKY User Permissions Dashboard – To see the roles a SKY User has, view the SKY User Roles tab.


  • SKYW-3645 / Energy Tanks Current Conditions – The Tank's Lat/Lon will be used for Current Conditions. If not present, the Tank's address will be used.


  • SKYC-3148 / Edit Applicator/Driver Grid – Double-click a cell in the Applicator/Driver grid to make edits.
  • SKYC-3040 / Location in Delivery Driver Setup – The Location of the Delivery Driver is now available as a column in the setup grid which can be viewed and/or edited.
  • SKYC-3038 / Product Sets – Product Sets can now be set on Blend Tickets in SKY Dispatch.


Version 3.24


  • HW-9880 / Application Event/Rec Chemical New User – A second product can be added to a Chemical Mix as expected.
  • HW-10063 / Non-Field Feature – The Org Level Quick Changer and Customer Level User Setup filters Non-Field Features down to the Customer filter option and Customer User Type affiliation.
  • HW-10150 / Equation Rec Switch Rate – The Max Rate, Min Rate, and Switch Rate Minimum Setting work as expected.
  • HW-10200 / SKY Mapping Crop Planning Report – A Crop Zone option gives the ability to print the Crop Planning Report using Management Area Analyses created with the Crop Zone template or Manual Planting recs. If a field has multiple Management Areas per Season, one page per Management Area is generated. Additionally, a new drop-down report option called Agvance Crop Color was added which includes options of Crop, Crop Purpose, and Crop Chemistry. When linked, these colors will come from Agvance Crops.
  • HW-10526 / Layers - Split Screen Compare - User-Defined Area Stat Tool Enhancements – It is now possible to create splits and internal polygons as well as edit their vertices within the Split Screen Compare tool to compare their statistics. Additionally, a new Polygon Zone Tool was added to the Split Screen Compare tool that can be accessed using the new icon to the left of the Table icon.
  • HW-10789 / Sampling - Batch Copy/Add – The Batch Copy of Sampling Events and Batch Create Event of Sampling Events for Soil and Tissue work as expected.
  • HW-10791 / Equation Rec - Lime Rec - Add Custom Blend Support – Add and Edit Custom Blend behavior was added to Lime Recs like other Nutrient Rec types with the ability to add Service products with a custom blend.
  • HW-10822 / Loadsheet Product Detail Per 100-gal Rate – The Product Detail version of the Loadsheet report displays the correct rate for the Per 100-gal unit in the Chemical section of Manual Recs.
  • HW-10824 / Equation Rec - Applied Avg Rate – The Equation Rec Product Rec screen displays the Applied Avg Rate as expected.
  • HW-10843 / Import - Harvest – Harvest Events can be created and surfaced as expected.
  • HW-10844 / Equation Rec - Multi-Depth Sampling – Equation Recs support multi-depth Sampling Events resulting in the expected surface.
  • HW-10849 / Action Panel Search – Selected Fields display in their selected orange symbology as expected.
  • HW-10850 / Export Controller File - Multi-Product Option – The Export Controller Multi-Product option removes excluded Zone Areas as expected.
  • HW-10851 / SKY Field Record Notebook – A new drop-down report option is now available called Agvance Crop Color which includes options of Crop Crop Purpose, and Crop Chemistry. When linked, these colors will come from Agvance Crops.
  • HW-10861 / Import - Sampling – The Explode Zone option works as expected.
  • HW-10865 / Equation Rec Batch – The Cancel button is enabled giving the ability to cancel a batch session as expected.
  • HW-10892 / Import Sampling Tissue – Tissue Sampling Events with results import and create an Event as expected.
  • HW-10899 / Event/Rec - Service Product – Service products can be added as the first or only product for the Application Event and Manual Application Rec as expected.
  • HW-10914 / Equation Rec – The Natural Log function Equation Rec syntax works as expected.


  • HW-10467 / Scouting - Device Caching – Scouting Event Crop templates are not saved in the cache on local devices as expected.
  • HW-10587 / Scouting - Unsaved Status – Scouting Events save as expected.
  • HW-10903 / Minimum Polygon Warning – The Remove option on the Minimum Polygon Warning works as expected.


  • SV-1483 / Sales Order Contracts – A Sales Order Contract format can be selected when adding a Sales Order which will give the ability to download the contract.
  • SKYD-18 / Blends - Field Near School – An icon will display on the Field when adding a Blend if the Field is in the Classification selected in the Field Classification Within 500 Ft of School area at Hub / Setup / Preferences on the Field tab.