November 2023 SKY Release Notes


  • AN-2661 / Invoiced to Booked Comparison Dashboard – The Invoiced to Booked Comparison dashboard under Customer shows what a customer booked versus for what they were invoiced.
  • AN-2658 / Settlement Contract Signature Status Dashboard – The Settlement Contract Signature Status dashboard under Grain can be used to track which Settlement Contracts have been electronically signed and when grain clerks need to ensure contracts are signed within a certain number of days of the contract being established.
  • AN-2660 / Sales by Salesperson Override Dashboard – The Sales by Salesperson Override dashboard under Accounts Receivable uses the Salesperson Overrides by Department that can be set up on a customer.


  • SKYW-3436 / Plan Filters – Filters are now available to narrow down the list of Plans.
  • SKYW-3506 / Field Filters – Filters are now available when viewing Fields in SKY Customer.


  • SKYC-2691 / Scheduling by Date – Blend Tickets and Delivery Jobs can now be scheduled by date. For more information, see List View - SKY Dispatch.


Version 3.23


  • HW-9487 / Application Event/Rec Changing Mix Type – Manual Application Events, Import Application Events, and Manual Application Recs now give the ability to change to a different Mix Type (Fertilizer, Chemical, or Manure) when viewing/editing.
  • HW-10229 / Equation Rec Min Rate – The Equation Rec Min Rate displays as expected.
  • HW-10486 / Import Harvest/Planting – Raw monitor values can now be displayed for Varieties and Products in the Import panel. The Crop, Brand, and Variety for all imported Planting and Harvest Events are displayed in Layers and Reports. New Surfaces include Harvest-Variety, Planting-Variety, and Application-Product.
  • HW-10506 / Application Map Custom Imagery – The Custom Imagery report option used with the Application Map report works as expected.
  • HW-10617 / Equation Recs Zero Rec Area – The Min Rate on an Equation Rec remains at a zero when rate adjustments are made as expected.
  • HW-10804 / Equation Recs – Creating Recs works as expected and does not result in an endless spinner.
  • HW-10832 / Report Books Cover Pages – Report Books generate cover pages as expected.
  • HW-10840 / SKY Soil Test and SKY Soil Test Results Reports Attributes – Four Attributes were added to the Page Selection/Attribute Selection and the SKY Soil Test, Soil Test Map, and SKY Soil Test Results reports - Ca/Mg-Ca_Mg, K/Mg-K_Mg, WHC-Water_Holding_Capacity_in_ft, Elevation-Elevation_ft.
  • HW-10853 / Equation Rec Multiple Sampling Events – Equation Recs use all Sampling Events when there are multiples per Season. If there are overlapping samples, the sample with the most recent Event Start Date is used. If two or more samples have the same Event Start Date, the Modified Date is used.


  • HW-10344 / Sampling Grid Stats and Multiple Points per Grid – An unlimited number of Sample points per grid is now allowed. A new Sampling setting called Display Sample Stats displays at the bottom of the Sampling settings. Additionally, the following statistics were added: Field Area (current area of the field), Included Area (area of included zones), Total Samples (number of Samples added with composite points counted as a single Sample), and Area Per Sample (Included Area / # of Samples).

Version 3.22


  • HW-8513 / Non-Field Features – An Inactive status has replaced the permanent delete with Non-Field Features.
  • HW-10612 / Yield Calibration – The Yield Calibration context menu is disabled until Event processing has started on an imported Harvest Event.
  • HW-10640 / Loadsheet Rec Crop and Yield Goal– The Loadsheet now includes the Crop and Yield Goal for Equation Recs. If the Product Rec has multiple crops or multiple Yield Goals, the word Multiple will appear. If the Crop includes a Crop Purpose, the purpose appears in parentheses next to the Crop Name.
  • HW-10745 / Equation Rec Sampling Depth – The Sampling Depth drop-down only displays if the Sampling Event being used for the Rec has multiple depths as expected.
  • HW-10746 / Import Files Info – Monitor IDs matching multiple profiles display the duplicates so the correct profile can be selected.


  • HW-10224 / Field Setup – If the Field Boundary polygon overlaps another Field's boundary of the same customer, an Overlap Detected message will display with options to Clip New Field to Existing, Clip This Edit to Other Field, Clip Existing Field to New Field, Update Other Field to This Edit, and Cancel.
  • HW-10336 / Mobile Sync – A Minimum Polygon Size prompt has been added stating You must have at least 1 boundary that is greater than 0.01 acres.