Dealer Order Window


The Dealer Order provides tools to more effectively manage seed orders. In Agvance version 6.0.16390 and higher, it is possible to Refresh the Dealer Order and Check Availability on selected products for all vendors. Additionally, there is the capability to fill product shortages for ONLY the BAYER CropScience Vendor and order additional quantities for all suppliers. Other vendors (Winfield, Syngenta, and Dow) will manage location shortages within their own systems.


Refresh: This will refresh the product quantities for the selected Dealer Order.

Check Availability: A product availability request will be sent for products tagged in the Select column. Availability will populate into the Amt Available column.

Order: Entering a quantity in the Requested Qty column and choosing Order sends an order request to the supplier.

  • If product is in a short position, the Order button should only be used for the Bayer supplier.
    Note: Attempting to order shorts for other suppliers will produce undesired results.
    • For product in a short position for Bayer, selecting Order will send a request for that product then cancel the order. This results in new demand to fill the short.
    • For product in a long position, choosing Order will send an order request to the supplier.