Customer Change Log Report

The following items are currently written to the database and are available on a report called Customer Change Log found at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / A/R Status:

  • ***Customer Added
  • ***Customer Address 1
  • ***Customer Address 2
  • ***Customer Address 3
  • ***Customer Adjustment Code
  • ***Customer City
  • ***Customer Country
  • ***Customer County
  • Customer Credit Limit
  • Customer Credit Line
  • Customer Credit Status
  • Customer Date Opened
  • ***Customer Deleted
  • ***Customer Extra Charge (Added/Deleted)
  • Customer Finance Charge %
  • ***Customer First Name
  • Customer Has a Credit Line
  • ***Customer Last Name
  • Customer P.O. Required
  • ***Customer Salesperson
  • ***Customer Sales Taxable
  • ***Customer Sales Tax Rate
  • ***Customer State
  • ***Customer State Code
  • ***Customer Tax Exempt ID
  • ***Customer Tax Exemption Reason
  • ***Customer Territory
  • ***Customer Zip

If the Extended Customer Edits Tracking option is not selected at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the Customer tab, items in bold will NOT be tracked and available on the Customer Change Log Report.

These items are set on the Customer's Credit tab from the Accounting module. 

The report displays as follows: