AP Bills My Approvals - SKY Vendor

The My Approvals tab in SKY Vendor lists all Bills ready for approval by the SKY user currently logged in.

Select the Eye icon to view additional details including the G/L Account, Description, Amount, Quantity, Vehicle, and Comment.

Note: The My Approvals tab is only available for those added as Approvers in SKY Admin.

The Ellipsis provides options to View and Approve and Download Attachments if there are any on the Bill.

Selecting View and Approve displays the Bill to review Posting Info, Bill Info, Expense Breakdown & Predefined Split, Terms & Discounts, Approver Info, and Notes

Note: Only information in the Expense Breakdown & Predefined Split section can be edited. Additionally, the Add to 1099 checkbox can be selected and an amount entered.  

After reviewing the information, select Approve or Deny. Selecting Approve sends the Bill on to the next Approver or back to who originally entered the Bill if the last Approver in the process. From there, the Bill can be posted. Choosing Deny sends the Bill back to who originally entered the Bill to fix any issues and send back through the Approval process.

Optionally enter any Notes and, when finished, select Submit

Once approved by all approvers, a notification displays to the SKY user who entered the Bill originally to View Bill and post. Under the Approver Info section, an Approved label displays with a date and timestamp as well as any notes. 

Changes made to the dollar amount after the Bill has been approved will be sent back through the approval process again.