AP Bill Drafts - SKY Vendor

The Drafts tab displays AP Bills entered but not yet posted. AP Bills here can be viewed by selecting the Eye icon.

When adding an AP Bill, there is an option at the bottom to Set bill status to "Draft". Check this box prior to saving and the Bill will display on the Drafts tab.

Note: The Vendor, Invoice #, Bill Date, and Due Date must be populated before saving.

If the Bill is no longer needed, choose the Ellipsis and select Delete. If desired, select Download Attachments to download all attachments on that Bill. When ready to finish posting the Bill or to add additional information, select Edit.

The Approver Info section is available if the Enable AP Approval process for my company is enabled and Approvers are selected in SKY Admin under Vendor. Select the Approver from the drop-down and enter an optional Note to Approver

Remove the Approver by selecting the Delete icon. Additional Approvers can be added by selecting + Add Another Approver

Reorder Approvers by selecting the grid of dots next to the Approver drop-down and dragging to the appropriate place. The order Approvers are listed is the order in which the AP Bill will be sent for approval.

Note: The Bill will not be sent through the Approval process until Set bill status to "Draft" is unchecked.

Once everything is filled out, uncheck the Set bill status to "Draft" checkbox and Post Bill or Post & Start New to enter another Bill.

Note: If the options still say Save Bill and Save & Start New, the Set bill status to "Draft" option is still checked and the Bill will remain a draft.