Processing Inter-Company Transfers

The final step in processing Inter-Company Transfers is pulling them into a Purchase Invoice using the ICT Vendor. This will move the inventory to company-owned and needs to be done prior to ending the month.

Single ICT

Add a Purchase Invoice at Inventory / Purchase Invoice using the From Receipt option. This step marks the two Purchase Receipts as Processed and moves the cost of the material to the receiving location.

After selecting the transfer(s) to process, the Purchase Invoice From Receipt tab displays two line items for each transfer - one for the shipping Location product and one for the receiving Location product. The $/Unit for the line items reflects the cost from the shipping Location. If there is any freight on the transfer, it is applied to the receiving Location product.

Saving this zero dollar Purchase Invoice triggers a related warning. Select OK to continue.

If the transfer was for a specific Delivery or Blend Ticket, the receiving location should create a Ticket or Invoice for the correct customer.

Multiple ICTs

Go to Inventory / Purchase Invoice and select Multi ICT at the bottom of the Select a Purchase Invoice screen.

The Select ICT window appears. Select the Inter-Company Transfers to be processed and choose Import.

Note: If the ICT was created from a Blend Ticket using the Ship From feature, the Blend Ticket number is populated in the Notes column.

The Add A Purchase Invoice window appears for the first transfer selected. Verify the quantities and prices on the From Receipt tab. If incorrect information is displayed, corrections may be made or the transaction may be skipped by selecting Skip. If everything is correct, choose Save to save the Purchase Invoice and move to the next transaction.