Accounting Reports FAQs

  • The Budget Billing Checkup is showing a difference between the Transaction Activity and the Budget Balance.
  • This difference may be caused by customers who have budget balances but no tanks to represent those balances.  To find these customers run the following query:

    select id, (custar.budget) from CustAr where id not in (select custid from LPTank where EQcycle <> '') and Budget <> 0

    Tanks will need to be added for these customers to address this issue.
    Note: If the sum of the dollars returned on this query does not match the difference on the checkup, there may be other issues contributing to this difference. 
  • Customer names are not printing on labels.
    • Customers not printing had only the Last Name field filled out. Edit and Save each customer and print again - the labels should print correctly.
  • How can I find if there are products that have an amount-on-hand discrepancy between Agvance and Oracle?
    • The Agvance check-up report is a good place to start. From the Agvance Accounting Reports main menu, click the Red Cross button.
      This report does not give an absolute list of discrepancies for amount on hand variance between Agvance and Oracle but it is a good start.After you select this report, check the Inventory box, leave the fiscal months set to start at 1 and end in the current month. Then click Continue. Any inventory product that has a discrepancy between amount on hand and the transaction details will be listed. This is a good starting point to compare Agvance to Oracle to see if Oracle has the same amount on hand for the products on the list. If there is a difference between amounts on hand in Agvance and Oracle and all the transactions for that product are in both Agvance and Oracle, then the amount on hand in Agvance may need to be adjusted to match Oracle.
  • When running the Booking Status report for open and prepaid Bookings sorted by customer, the total dollar amount does not match the total dollar amount on the same report when sorted by product.
    • Most likely, customer prepay had to be reconciled using the Reconcile Customer Prepay utility. This utility only adjusts the dollar amount on the prepay Bookings to force the Bookings to match the customer's actual prepay balance. Quantities are not affected by the utility. The Booking Status report sorted by product calculates the Booking dollars by multiplying the Balance by the $/Unit to arrive at the Book Total amount. The Booking Status report sorted by customer calculates the Book Total by pulling the total dollar amount directly from the dollars left on the Booking.
  • The customer has received the following error when saving the Company Owned Inventory Statement report as a pdf after exporting it:
    The string is non-numeric.
    Failed to export the report.
    Error in File C:\Users\CFS\AppData\Local\Temp\invtCOst {54A901C1-B15E-48AA-B0C3-E9E38C371A69}.rpt:
    Error in formula .
    The string is non-numeric.
    • In this case, the user was able to successfully preview the report but after selecting to Export Report to Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and clicking Save, the error came up. This error was caused by a product that was on the report that had an incorrect billing divisor.
      The reason the report previewed without error is because Crystal Reports just processes the data for the page that is being displayed. This allows the preview of the report to be generated more quickly. Since the problem product was not on the first page of the report, the preview was successful. Upon export, all data on the report is being checked which is why the error happened on the save.
      If after previewing the report, the user had clicked to go to the last page of the report, an error message screen (not an error report) would have been displayed that the user could just click OK on to return to the report criteria screen.
  • I have an out of balance warning on an Analysis statement for a customer. An invoice appears to show the analysis line with the total dollars as well as each individual line item and dollars. When I run the statement summarized or with product detail it is not out of balance.
    • In this instance, the out of balance was caused by an invoice being entered in the following manner:
      1. The Price By at the invoice screen defaulted in as 'Product.' (This can also happen if a blend ticket is imported that is priced by product.)
      2. After the products were entered, the user changed the Price By to 'Analysis.'
      3. The user checked the analysis products and then went into the Analysis screen, set the analysis and clicked Apply/Ok.
      4. The Price By was changed back to 'Product' before saving the invoice.
    • This scenario causes the invoice to appear on the analysis statement as if it was both priced by analysis and by product, causing the statement to be out of balance. To fix this, the invoice will need to be voided / reversed and re-entered, leaving the price by either set to 'Product' or 'Analysis' all the way through.