Voiding a Purchase Order

Sometimes it is necessary to void a Purchase Order. Purchase Orders may be voided regardless of the prepay status of the Purchase Orders.

If a Purchase Order has been received or invoiced off of at all, it cannot be voided. However, if the PO will not be used any further, it can be manually marked as Order Invoiced which will remove it from the list of POs to prevent receiving or invoicing off of that PO.

Note: If a Purchase Receipt or Purchase Invoice used the PO in error, voiding the PR or PI will reopen the Purchase Order allowing it to be voided.

Voiding an Unpaid Purchase Order

Voiding an unpaid Purchase Order marks the order as Void and Complete. Voiding an unpaid Purchase Order is done from Accounting / Purchase Orders. Select the Purchase Order to be voided, and choose Void. There is no posting done to the general ledger or inventory detail by the void since the creation of an unpaid Purchase Order does not affect either of these areas.

Voiding a Prepaid Purchase Order

Voiding a prepaid Purchase Order is sometimes necessary. This is done from Inventory / Purchase Orders by selecting the Purchase Order and choosing Void. Voiding a prepaid Purchase Order creates a negative A/P Bill, which is the offset to the A/P bill created by the saving of the original Purchase Order. Inventory remains unaffected by voiding a prepaid Purchase Order.

Note: Prepay dollars tied to the Purchase Order can be manually applied at the Purchase Invoice by selecting the P box or by using the Transfer Vendor Prepay utility to move the dollars to a credit on the Vendor's Regular account.