Transfer Unapplied Cash

  1. Go to the Payment on Account screen (Accounting / A/R / Payments or by selecting the Payment on Account shortcut) for the customer who has the Unapplied Cash balance.
  2. Enter a negative amount in the Payment Amount field for the amount being transferred to the other customer’s account.
  3. Select the Adjustment Payment Method.
  4. Uncheck all Invoices in the grid (if any exist).
  5. Check the Use U/A Cash checkbox.
  6. Save the payment.
  7. Add a payment at the Payment on Account screen for the customer receiving the unapplied cash.
  8. In the Payment Amount, enter the same dollar amount as in Step 2 but as a positive number.
  9. Select the Adjustment Payment Method.
  10. Choose Auto Apply to use the payment on open Invoices with any remaining balance to be placed in Unapplied Cash. Optionally apply this money to Bookings by changing the Payment Type from Regular to Prepay. Alternatively, allow the payment to go to Unapplied Cash for this customer by checking the Use U/A Cash checkbox or answering Yes to the Agvance prompt asking if preferred to place the balance in Unapplied Cash.

The account used by the Adjustment Payment Method is cleared because it is used for both the positive and the negative payment.