Tonnage by Fertilizer Codes Report

Tonnage Tax reports are required by most states to assess taxes on the tonnage of fertilizer sold. There has been a push, spearheaded by several universities and states, to standardize the reporting of tonnage tax information by fertilizer codes. To simplify the setup and maintenance required for accurate reporting of the tonnage, the Tonnage by Fertilizer Codes utilizes codes established on each fertilizer product. 

The report format is not intended to be filed directly with the state, but only a source document to be used to fill in the information on the actual state form. Therefore, it requires the information to be transferred to the actual report document before filing the tonnage tax return.

The Tonnage by Fertilizer Codes method is based on a code set up under each Product to be included on the report. The setup requires a Fertilizer Code be entered on each Product that is to be included on the report. Since the report is the same for all states, it may be better understood by the tonnage tax personnel in multi-state companies. The incentive behind this style of report is the movement toward unified reporting of tonnage taxes by fertilizer code.

Product Setup

The Tonnage Tax Material or Fertilizer Code is found under the Details button at File / Open / Product on the Blend Setup tab.

Select the Info tab.

After the Products are set up with a code, they will automatically show on the report when Invoices of these items meet all the filtered criteria on the report. The code does not have to be a specific number/letter sequence for Agvance to display the Product on the report. However, most states have specific codes required for each Product reported. To discover what codes to use, refer to the documentation that came with the state report or contact the state's authority for tonnage tax reporting (usually the state's department of agriculture).

Tonnage by Fertilizer Codes Report

The report is found at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable. The A/R Fertilizer Codes screen has some filters and other options available. The Setup Report button prints or previews the setup.

The report should match the sales Invoice information based on the filter criteria and the state chosen.

The Tonnage by Fertilizer Codes report is broken into two main sections: Fertilizer Codes and Mixed Fertilizer Blends

The Fertilizer Codes section will display the Product Invoice quantity totals where the Product has an entry at on the Product found at the path above. The Mixed Fertilizer Blends section comes from analysis Invoices and should display on the report beside the guaranteed analysis. 

The Products will display in the Mixed Fertilizer Blends whether or not the Tonnage Tax Material or Fertilizer Code is populated at on the Product.