SKY Mapping – Check Yourself - Boundary Management Overview

Is there a quick way to delete vertices when editing a field boundary? 

  • Yes, right clicking the vertex to be deleted will allow you to choose to delete it 


When using the Union Tool to join two polygons, what must be true? 

  • The two polygons must have boarders that are touching 


When adding a new field in SKY Mapping, what rule must be followed to avoid duplicate field creation in the Agvance Hub? 

  • If the field is present in the Agvance Hub, it must be chosen from the drop down list in SKY Mapping. 


Which drawing tool should be used when separating a field polygon into two separate pieces? 

  • The Split Tool 


When adding a new field in SKY Mapping, which inputs are required on the general information tab? 

  • Field Name & Farm Name