Sales Allocations

The Alternate Product ID is available at the Select a Sales Allocation window at Hub / Setup / Sales Allocations.

This area is optionally used to allocate product at a specific price for use on Sales Orders. Allocations interact with Sales Orders in Planning and also Mobile Sales.

  • Allocation Start Date – Enter the date of the Allocation.
  • Allocation Expiration Date – Enter the expiration date for the Allocation.
  • Product – Double-click to choose Product to be offered at special pricing.
  • Quantity – Enter the amount offered at the special price.
  • Selling Price – Enter the price of the offer.
  • Unit Cost – Enter the cost of the Product being allocated or double-click to select the price from the Price Levels saved on the Product.
  • Storage Location – Enter where the Product is stored.
  • Booking Start Date – Enter the date the offer starts.
  • Booking Expiration Date – Enter the last day the offer is valid.
  • Reference Number – Enter the offer reference number.
  • Comments – Optionally enter any comments for the Allocation.
  • Salespeople – Double-click on ID in the grid to select the salespeople who are able to use this Sales Allocation. Once salespeople are selected, enter the quantity allocated per Salesperson. The sum of the Quantity column must equal the Quantity entered on the Allocation.
  • StatusOpen, Closed, or Both are available statuses to select. Only Open Sales Allocations are available for selection when entering Sales Orders.