Allowing a Discount

The Discount feature may be used for one of two reasons:

  1. The Customer is taking advantage of an early pay discount that was offered.
  2. Writing off a small under (or over) payment by using the Discount feature.

The discounts allowed at invoicing have expiration dates associated with them and therefore are date sensitive. The Payment on Accounts screen uses the date at the top to compare to the individual Invoice discount dates and displays the applicable discounts in the grid.

Invoices with expired discounts are noted with the word Expired in the Disc Date column. By double-clicking in the Discount column, the discounts/dates offered on that Invoice may be viewed and/or set, overriding the computer's date sensitivity.

The total of all discounts in the grid must equal the discount entered in the Discount Amount field in the top portion of the screen or the program will not allow the Payment to be saved.