Location Preferences

Select the location for the preferences to display or edit.

  • User Defined Soil Test Heading – There is one user-definable test result available at the soil test tab in the field file. A two-character heading for that result may be set here.
  • Fertilizer Tag UD Label – This user-defined label prints on the fertilizer tag.
  • User Defined is a Nonplant Food Ingredient – With this option selected, when a product containing a non-plant food nutrient is used in a blend, the percent, derivation and label prints below the derivation of the plant food ingredients as a separate section with the heading ALSO CONTAINS NONPLANT FOOD INGREDIENT(S) above it on a separate line. This is true for all states except Indiana, Georgia, and Texas.
  • User Defined 2 Soil Test Heading – For the Oregon state fertilizer tag, enter the second user-defined soil test heading. Entering this information allows the nutrient contributor for the second element to be entered under Details on the Info tab of the Chemical Composition window.
  • Fertilizer Tag UD 2 Label – For the Oregon state fertilizer tag, enter the user-defined label to print on the tag.
  • Fertilizer Tag UD 3 Label – This user-defined label prints on the fertilizer tag.
  • Hidden Blend Fee Departments – If using the Price By Analysis option, it is possible to include certain blending fees in the price per ton of the blended product. These fees do not show up individually on the Invoice but are added into the total cost of the blended product. Indicate the department(s) that contains these fees. If using price by product, this may be used for products that are rated by the pound and should be adjusted automatically when editing to actual scale (for example, a rental or delivery charge). The new rate for this product(s) will match the rate for the fertilizer blend.
  • Manager Passwords – These optional passwords may be set on various Agvance operations to control user access to these features. Persons with Allow Access to Administrative Passwords checked on their user setup are allowed to add, edit or delete any of these passwords at this screen.
  • Add a blank line between products on the Shipping Order (Hazmat) – This inserts a blank space between products listed on a shipping order.
  • Move EPA # and Weight to new line on the Shipping Order (Hazmat) – This option moves the EPA number and product weight to a new line on the Hazmat document, allowing more space for the regulatory information to print.