Scale Interface Port Open and Inaccessible

Q.  I receive error 'incorrect function' while trying to print a Scale Ticket.

A.  A scale ticket printer that is set up to use a com port and is also set up as a Windows printer is holding the com port open and making it inaccessible. A com port printer should not be established as a Windows printer if it is to be used by the Agvance 5.0 Scale Interfaces.

If the printer is set up to use a port (other than None), Agvance ignores the printer driver and attempts to use the com port. To fix the error received, set the outside Default Ticket Printer to blank on the Printer tab of the  Scale Interface Configure screen. Agvance will use the port to choose the correct printer.

Also, if the printer is set up as a Windows printer, it needs to be removed (deleted) from the Windows printer setup.