Agvance Prints to Both Inside and Outside Printers in Grain Scale Interface

Q.  Can I print to both inside and outside printers with the Agvance Grain Scale Interface?

A.  Agvance allows users to use both an inside and outside printer to print grain scale interface tickets printer. The inside printer can print to one format on laser or dot matrix while the outside printer uses another format. This allows users to mount a kiosk type printer near the scale for the customers scale ticket. SSI has also added a new kiosk thermal printer to the list of recommended hardware. The Epson EU-T432 printer has been tested and approved to use seven of the formats currently available in Agvance. These formats include Bshort 2, Bshort 3, Mlong5, Long6, Long7, LG9 and Z long1. For a preview of the ticket formats on this printer, please go to the customer website, select Support Online and enter ‘grain scale’ in the search box.

More information on the printer can be found at the following link:

Note: Scale ticket printers attached via com port cannot also be installed locally or on the Terminal Server. This will render the printers unusable in the scale interface. In 5.0, if the printer is setup to use a port (anything other than None on the scale interface configuration page), we ignore the Windows installed printer driver and attempt to use the com port. To remedy the error received, set the default ticket printer to blank on the scale interface configuration screen and delete the Windows printer. Set in this manner, Agvance will use the port to determine which printer to use.