Sales Tax on Sales Register and Sales Tax Summary

The Total Sales Tax from the Sales Register report is a calculated total of all of the sales tax listed on the report.

The Taxes collected from the Sales Tax Summary report is the sum of the tax amount from each Invoice within the selected range. This number is stored in the invli table.

Sales Tax Summary Report – State Hierarchy

The Sales Tax Summary report breaks down the sales totals of a given range of invoices and totals the sales for each state. The hierarchy that Agvance uses to determine which state the sales are associated with is as follows:

  • If the Invoice uses a ship-to address at the Additional Info window, then the state associated with that ship-to address will be the state where the sales are reported.
  • If the Invoice does not use a ship-to address, then the state that is in the customer's primary address file will be the state used for reporting.
  • In the case of Invoices that are split between two or more customers, the sales will be associated with the state(s) of each individual customer (unless a ship-to address was used, in which case all of the sales will be reported to the state associated with the ship-to address).

Sales Register Miscellaneous Invoice and Department Totals

The Miscellaneous Sales amount includes product sales from any Agvance Inventory Department that has a description beginning with the letters Misc.


  • Miscellaneous Sales would be included.
  • Sales Miscellaneous would not be included.