Replicate Field Plans

Replicate an existing Field Plan to multiple Fields, allowing acres and prices to be edited.

  1. Navigate to Planning / Utilities / Replicate A Field Plan
  2. On the Select a Plan for Replication window, choose the Customer, Field, and Plan to replicate. Choose Select
  3. On the Replicate Plan window, choose the Customer and double-click each Field for which the Plan will be replicated. The selected Fields populate the grid at the bottom of the window.
    Note: Select all Fields at one time by choosing All fields for this Grower
  4. The Grower and Field columns default from the Field selected. The Plan letter defaults to the next available Plan for each Field. 
  5. Select any of the Import Quote options to quote each new Plan or leave them as Not Quoted.
    Note: The Import Quote column defaults to From Source if the original source Plan was quoted. The quoted price follows through to the new Plans. The Import Quote column defaults to Not Quoted if the original source Plan was not quoted. The price is based on the Pricing Level entered on the customer’s Profile tab. 
  6. Select the Print Planning Documents option if the Plans do not require changes and are ready to be printed. 
  7. Choose Save to replicate the Field Plan to the selected Fields.
    Note: The Crop, Placement, Product Set, Mini Bulk and Custom Applied options, Analysis, Application Comments, Blend Comments, Target Pests, Batch Breakdown options, Capacity, and # of batches are brought into the new Plans. The Additional Information does not carry through to the new Plans.