In the Relationships window, view Contacts and Associated Grower360 Accounts associated with the selected customer.

A separate card displays for each Contact set up on the Customer Profile in Agvance. The completed information for the contact is listed on the card.

Add users to access an account in Grower360 by selecting + Add User in the bottom right of the screen. See more on this process here.

Note: Grower360 accounts can only be created by users with Grower360 Admin rights.

When a Contact card with a valid email address is present, a Create Grower360 Account option is available. Once selected, a Grower360 account can be created for the contact, providing the ability to give multiple contacts access to the Grower360 account.

The contacts set up to access Grower360 display in the Associated Grower360 Accounts area where they can be edited or deleted as needed.