Create Grower360 Users

As an Admin, create Grower360 Users and link them to Agvance customers, all from Agvance SKY. 

  1. In Customer, use the Search Customers… field to search for and select the desired Agvance customer.
  2. Select Relationships from the left navigation menu.
  3. Choose the + Add User icon in the bottom right corner.
    Note: If the Sky user is not set up as an admin, the + Add User icon will not be available.
  4. In the Add Associated User window, enter the Grower360 customer’s email address and choose Search for Email.
  5. Enter the First Name and Last Name of the Grower360 customer to be set up.
    Note: If the email address is already linked to a Grower360 account, an option to select the associated account is available.
  6. Choose Create and Add. An email prompting a password setup for Grower360 is sent to the customer from