Reconciling Long and Short Quantities

Before reconciling long and short quantities, vendors must have a web service established. Vendors currently available for a web service include Winfield, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta, and Dow/Corteva. Contact an SSI representative for information on establishing a web service. 

Reconciling the My Dealer Bucket account and adjusting for long or short quantities effectively manages allocated seed, requires less data input, and results in more accurate inventory figures.

  1. Navigate to Accounting / Inventory / Seed Orders / Dealer Order and select Edit with the appropriate Dealer Order highlighted. 
  2. On the Dealer Orders window, mark the checkbox in the Select column for the product to be reconciled. Choose Reconcile
  3. A listing of all Grower Orders containing the selected product will display. 
  4. Enter the amount in the Adjusted Quantity column as needed to show new or reduced demand. 
  5. Select Update to send the quantity changes to the vendor to adjust orders to the updated quantity.