Purchase Order / Purchase Order Response Crop Protection

The Purchase Order Export allows retailers to send purchase orders to the supplier through web services. The Purchase Order Response import allows retailers to verify the purchase orders in their system match the purchase orders in the supplier’s system by line. 

The Purchase Order Response is returned at any given time after the Purchase Order request is submitted and displays information comparing what is on the order in Agvance and what the supplier has in their system. If the Purchase Order is changed, Winfield will contact the retailer to explain those changes and then the retailer should update the Purchase Order manually in Agvance. This can be used to see if there are differences between the original Purchase Order and what was entered into Winfield’s system.

Setup - Purchase Order

  1. Go to Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Order / Add a Purchase Order. Enter a P.O. # and choose the Date Requested on the PO Detail tab. 
  2. Choose Apply and Save
  3. On the Print a Purchase Order screen, select the WS XML Purchase Order option to send it directly to Winfield.
    Note: Information entered in the Notes section of the Purchase Order are sent to the supplier as a general instruction. Information entered in the Delivery Instructions on the Ship To tab of the Purchase Order is sent as Shipping Instructions to the supplier. The Delivery Type can be set to Pickup or Delivery and is communicated to the supplier.

Setup - Purchase Order Response

Go to Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Order and choose View Responses to select a response to view.